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" Precious Memories"


We would walk together the harvest moon was our guide,

A slight chill filled the air but you were by my side.

We walked barefoot in the dirt down that old country lane ,

The air filled with the sweet scent of sugar cane.

You remember that old pond we called "our fishing hole"?

We caught huge fish there with homemade fishing poles.

You Mom cooked up a big pot of Okra Gumbo,

I long for those sweet days, I wish we could go.

We would sit for hours on my old porch swing,

Giggle together about all our hopes and dreams.

I drove back home last week, I was thinking of you,

The happiness we once shared the joy we knew.

The old dirt lane is gone now a paved road in its place,

The pond was gone a shopping mall took it's space.

I looked and saw us walking down a country lane,

Everything has changed but the sweet memories remain.

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~