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"Beyond the Sunset"

My friend, Donna. sent me an e-mail this morning. Donna recently lost her beloved husband of 34 years, Bill. I cried, wrote this for her. She let me share a part of that e-mail. Read her words to me after you read her poem.


Take my hand my friend, let's face what we must,

We all need help sometime, let's agree, in God we will trust.

Sometimes it is so hard to understand how things work out the way they do,

Why some are healed and some are not, I have not a clue.

You see my Momma told me that God picks the prettiest flowers,

She never knew that I saw her many times sit and cry for hours,

She told me that some are moved to a service, they are called out,

I can still hear my own dear Momma, say to me believe in God and in Him never doubt,

My Daddy preached, that there is a time to be born and a time to die,

About a meeting in the air in the sweet by and by,

So take my hand and we will get through this no matter what we face,

Oh my where would we be without His Amazing Grace?


Today I will go upstairs and finish packing up Bill's personal treasures.. pictures the kids drew for him, that kind of thing.

Some I'll save for the kids when they feel they are able to take them.

Phewwww, I just got a knot in my tummy, but I will do it.

Have a good day sweet lady. Love you Donna

I LOVE YOU TOO DONNA...... This one made me cry. Your Sister forever; Johnnie

ęcopyright 11/06/02

~ Johnnie Oakes ~