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"Manison over the hill top"


He was born in September of 1933,

He was my hero, a big brother to me,

He was 4 years older but he always took the time,

To lift me up and let me shine,

I remember the days when we were just kids,

Oh my some of the things that we did,

He could make me laugh with his silly ways,

Today I long for those warm Summer days,

He had away about him that I can not describe,

I really loved my brother, this cannot be denied,

We grew into adults, still had a bond,

It will live in my heart, from this moment on,

A few days ago, Ted was called home,

He has joined God around The great throne.

TED, I love you dear brother, please know that it's true,

Save me a seat close by when it is time I will join you.


Thank you Johnnie for writing this poem for my big brother - my hero.