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"Whiter Shade Of Pale "


I am an American Eagle a symbol of this land

I am often linked with those sweet words " Of Thee I Stand".

I am a fighting warrior with a heart so brave and true,

Listen to my story, I must speak to you.

Take a seat upon my wingsá let me take you there,

Look through my eyes of wonder at the things I must share.

This land we once looked upon had beauty never seen,

A beauty that can never be captured on a motion picture screen.

You see the mighty buffalo with strength beyond compare,

I saw him grazing just below but turned and he was not there.

Listen through my ears and hear birds flying all around,

Listen to the silence, and you will notice there is no sound.

This land was filled with flowers, painted by mother nature's hand,

But they are all now gone, leaving only desert land.

I used to sit for hours high on the mountaintop

Watching new life begin, as the Earth gave up her crop.

These things are just a memory, they've been lost somewhere in time,

But if they all could be brought back, that would be so divine.

I am an American Eagle soaring through the night,

Hear the mighty sound, of my huge wings in flight.

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~