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"The Light House"

"He Is The Light" from the inspired artwork of Danny Hahlbohm, used with his permission


Hello God how are things with you?

My heart is so troubled I do not know what to do,

I have been taught love is the answer to what ever we face,

Dear God, what is happing to the human race?

The news tells of nothing but trouble and pain,

You did not want this for us; this is such a shame,

In the Bible it talks about the troubles back then,

Have things changed that much, look at the trouble we are in,

What makes a person take the life of someone not known?

Could it be somewhere inside an evil has grown?

I am troubled, I just do not understand,

The hate that can rage in the heart of man.

We are America created by Your own loving hands,

God, please Bless America; help me to understand.

God Bless Your children hurting out there tonight,

Hold them close Dear God for You are the Light.

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~ 10/31/02