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There are no word's

There are no words to tell you how I feel today,

You have touched my heart in such a special way.

You're like a ray of Sunshine when there seems to be no hope,

You're always just above me holding out a rope.

I've had days so bleak, all I could do was cry,

You gave me the wings of an Eagle, taught me how to fly.

If you were not in my life, there are no words to tell you how empty I would be,

You are ever present to reach out and rescue me.

Did the birds ever sing in tune before there was you?

How did the Sun know when to rise to start a day anew?

Did the stars twinkle in the sky, on a frosty Winter's night?

Did fairies play in the fields, giggle with delight?

There are no word's to tell you how much you mean to me,

I guess God smiled down one day and said "LET IT BE"


Johnnie Oakes