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"Small World"


Some say that I am a Romantic, I guess this Might be true,

If you have the time, pull up a chair, take a seat, let me talk to you,

Have you ever seen an old woman sitting in her chair?

Do you marvel as you see wisdom, the wrinkled face, the silver in her hair,

Have you watched her and wondered does anyone still care?

Does anyone just stop to say " how are you today?

Do you stop for just a little while or do you walk away?

Have you ever watched a little child sleeping soft and sweet?

You pause to see the beauty, you feel more complete,

Do you ever sit out on your porch, in the crisp morning dew?

You hear the sounds around you as the day begins anew,

You see all the Moms taking care of their little ones,

You just sit in Awe being warmed by the morning Sun,

Have you ever loved someone so much it could almost make you cry?

Just the mention of that name would make you sigh,

I think that I am a romantic, I guess that it is true,

Before you go, stop and think, are you a romantic too?

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes~ 10/01/02