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"I Knew I Loved You"


The way we sit and talk for hours, yet never make a sound,

The way you scoop me up if I fly too close to the ground,

The way you never question this love I have for you,

The way each day is an adventure, to begin anew,

The way you hold me close to you even when you're not with me,

The way I look into your eyes and feel love deeper than any sea,

The way you say I'm pretty when I know I look a fright,

The way you warm my soul with your laughter even on the coldest night,

These are the things that matter when you really love someone,

These are the things that never fade when all is said and done,

These are the things that let me know you were sent from above,

These are the things that let me feel the wonder of your love.

ęcopyright 12/27/02

~Johnnie Oakes~


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