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"You'll never walk alone"


There is a stairway just ahead, filled with many dreams,

It offers hope for everyone yet sadness it sometimes brings.

We are all destined to climb the stairway for this is a part of life,

Some of the memories left there long ago will cut deep as a knife.

Some of the steps are worn and in dire need of repair,

Scars left deep within them from those who once stepped there.

As you climb this stairway you may stumble and have many falls,

 But pick yourself up, keep climbing for on this journey you may have to climb a wall.

There will be an abundance of joyful days filled with bright sunshine and love,

And days when you will hear the whistling wind or the cooing of a dove.

Each step of this stairway holds a memory that will become the past,

Memories to be stored  in your heart where they  will forever last.

You cannot climb down the stairway as it has a sign that says one way,

So no matter what the outcome you must live for today.

©copyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~