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"Can You Feel The Love"


The soft whispers of the gentle wind, seems to call out your name,

I've been touched by love, now I know I will never be the same,

I see the shadows on the wall, are they looking down on me?

In the morning like the shadows, will I be just a memory,

Do I take a chance on love again, can I let you in?

Can I trust you with my heart, if I let this Love begin?

I hear your voice in the air flowing through my soul,

Saying softly "I will keep you warm my love when the nights are cold",

I've been hurt so many times, I am locked inside myself,

I must let go of the past, put it on the shelf,

You were never like the others, and now it is plain to see,

I have been touched by Love, you are a part of me.

"Rocki" thank you my friend, this is for you.

ęCopyright 9/18/02 ~ Johnnie Oakes ~