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"Somewhere in Time"


Traces of yesterday waltz through my mind,

Memories of them return somewhere in time.

My mind paints a picture of white clouds and candy canes,

Soft sweet music, the warm Summer rain.

Sitting beneath the shade of an old Oak tree,

Playing in the ocean, the aroma of the sea.

A time long forgotten in the pages of time,

Watching the snow fall, strawberries fresh from the vine.

Taking long walks in the evening, watching the shadows on the ground,

listening to the sweet sound of silence all around.

My mind is a rainbow, it paints colors bright and fair,

I store all the memories and I can still go there.

Somewhere in time is just a thought away,

I can still visit there when I face a sad, long day.

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes

2 /14/ 03