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"Twilight Time"


The shadows on the wall take me to a place in time,

When we were young and carefree, yet we did not have a dime.

To a time when we would hold hands, run and play in the rain,

People looked at us, as though we were insane.

We would run in the meadow, climb the highest tree,

It seemed there wasn't anyone else in the world, just you and me.

We often sat and watched the setting of the sun, my what a glorious site,

As we watched in wonder, the day gave way to a star filled night.

Now it seems so long ago when we would take a walk,

We would stroll along for hours, holding hands and talk.

Those days cannot be taken back,they are gone forever more,

Like time in a bottle washed upon the shore.

One cannot keep time in a bottle, this would be a crime,

So each day I sit and think of you and I at Twilight Time.

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~