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I was thinking of you today, how the years seem to have flown,

Did we ever think that you and I would one day have children of our own?

Now it's hard to believe these children of our's have children of there own,

Oh my goodness the years have simply flown.

I looked at you yesterday, the memories that we have shared,

Back when we were kids and did not have a care.

I saw you standing tall taking care of me,

For someone to try and hurt your little Sis, this would never be.

You always stood close by my side, you wanted me to shine for the world to see,

You let me know you loved me, these are sweet memories.

Remember late at night when the house was dark and quite?

You would read me a story, I was afraid of the night.

You remember your friend that had that old car?

We would by gas with our lunch money, drive around you were my shinning star.

You would sign Mom's name on the note the teacher sent home,

I think the teacher would think it was forgery if Mom had signed her own.

You always took me where ever you went,

These are some of the memories, of the wonderful times spent.

Yesterday when I looked at you, I was taken back to a different time and day,

These cherished memories of you can never be taken away.

When we were just Kids I looked up to you,

I know today, that I still do.

Yesterday when I looked at you, we were still just kids trying to figure it all out.

My Sister, My friend you mean the world to me your in my heart, never you must never doubt.

ęcopyright Johnnie Oakes

To Nora Faye