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"Yesterday When I Was Young"


Oh, how I long for yesterday, when I was just a girl,

To feel that sweet innocence, I would give the world,

To see my sweet dear Mama with her long flowing hair,

In my dreams, I still see her, so pretty young and fair,

If I am still for a little while I can see my shy, and gentle dad,

Turning Grace, thanking God for the family that he had,

I see my sisters at that old table with dishes that were not a set,

My brother telling scary tales, I have yet to forget,

We were a family, with very little of our own,

Through it all, my Mom and Dad made our house a home,

Yes I miss those yesterdays, from me they will never part,

I Keep them in a secret place locked deep inside my heart.

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~


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